When looking for a web hosting company you have several factors to consider the first thing you need to look at is the features a host includes such as PHP, MySql, Email, Bandwidth, Storage Space, and Up-time. I would like to mention I am not affiliated with any of the listed hosting company’s. When writing this I was doing research on the next host for some of my own website’s so I thought I would share my results. None of the host’s in my list have any type of affiliate links, and I make nothing off any of them.

One thing to remember in life is you get what you pay for, just because a host has a better price they might be lacking in features you need, or they might even have bad support. I always recommend you test a hosting company for a month before purchasing a entire year of hosting from them this will give you ample time to find any bugs in the system or things you don’t like about the company.

Company Price Disk Space Domain Name Link
Bluehost $2.95+ Unlimited Free Bluehost
HostGator $3.95+ Unlimited N/A HostGator
eHost $2.75+ Unlimited Free eHost

PHP hosting and its benefits

PHP is basically a scripting language that is known to be open source and therefore it is very easy to embed it into the HTML pages. PHP hosting can provide a range of benefits and there are various websites that can take advantage of this kind of hosting service. These are explained here:

PHP web hosting allows easy scripting. This clearly means that website owners do not have to compile any scripting files for their website. Also, there is a tool that can help in publishing of all such files.

PHP hosting can be learnt very easily because they are connected to more than one type of database.

Apart from these benefits, PHP web hosting allows easy storing of the cookies, which can be very good for the websites to develop a personalized relationship with their customers.  This will also enable easy accessibility to the clients since they will not have to enter the information into the website again and again with their visit.

Besides, PHP is an easy scripting language and therefore it makes your website easily accessible too. This kind of hosting offers you faster browsing because unlike other kinds of scripting languages or Java script, PHP enables you to execute complicated and tougher operations on your website easily.

More than anything, PHP web hosting allows you to get a dynamic website where the inputs from users can be easily stored in variables and then executed into variable costs.

Also, this allows you to enhance and make better your website in various ways. Ranging from social networking to blogging and ecommerce to forums, PHP can totally revolutionize your website to look even better and easily accessible.

Easy and friendly user interface and all the aforementioned benefits, make PHP hosting a great one that can be used by any website.

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